Change Through Radical Media

The dominant media, which supports a capitalist state, leads the country to ecological collapse in order to support a consumer society. Radical media presents alternatives that seek ecological health, justice and peace.

Hi there! I work to keep buildings safe by day, and explore and develop radical media. This is my website. I write in spare seconds when I’m not working in the community garden, shooting video at demonstrations and working on endless projects to keep family and community in action. I like exploring herbs, wild plants and making and eating peach and gooseberry salsa.

…or something like this:

We are at the end of the industrial revolution, which assumed that unlimited consumption of oil and fossil fuels has no consequence. With science, we have determined that the ecosystems that sustain us are collapsing as development erases the flora and fauna that sustain us and global warming undermines the conditions for life on the planet. By making our buildings and vehicles run without fossil fuels, there’s a chance humans may avoid endless global warming catastrophes and make conditions for humans to live.

Life on the planet is threatened by human acitivities. The idea that unlimited domination of the natural world in order to support any human desire is disintegrating. There’s still a chance to avoid climate change extremes, but the prospects do not look good as humans race to consume as if there are no consequences.